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Dothi Village Garden Water Pump.jpg


In 2014 Dothi Village developed the first extensive garden grown during Malawi's dry season in 40 years. From April through October Malawians experience drought-like conditions with no rainfall. Upon instruction from UVT volunteers Dothi villagers were able to dig a hole deep enough to hit water. Enough fertilizer and manure was purchased with funds from our volunteer fundraisers to help support the village food storage supplies.   In our next phase UVT will help the villagers establish a "bore hole" well to create an irrigation system for the garden and villagers.  

"I would like to inform you that we managed to buy 290 kgs of fertilizer which we managed to give to 29 people 10kgs each and also managed to support almost everyone with tobacco stem manure from tobacco companies and their gardens are doing very fine and we are hoping if the rains doesn't stop they will have good harvest and this is a vision of United Village Transformation program in Malawi ( UVT) and of course Feast It Forward in Malawi to make Dothi Village be able to have abundance of food at least per household and I would like to thank you for your support and this has really encouraged the people to work hard.

May God bless you.

Thank you,  

 Idah (UVT Social worker)