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United Village Transformation's First Visit to Malawi


United Village Transformation's First Visit to Malawi

United Village Transformation

In 2010 Rob Hampton and Claudia Sansone decided to visit Malawi and establish a dental clinic. Carrying all of the supplies, including a dental chair, with them on their flight the two were welcomed with open arms. While Rob was seeing patients at Deayang Luke Hospital Claudia and a friend decided to venture to the local villages and the rest as they say is history. Claudia fell in love with the people and the culture. 

The couple would return three more times and on the third visit in 2013 Claudia met with the Chief of Dothi Village asking how she could help. She suggested that they build a school and an extended garden and departed back to the U.S. Little did she realized the effect her visit would have on the people of the village. During the next year the villagers got to work and completed a 24x36 foot structure that was to become the first preschool and expanded the village garden adding the different types of vegetation Claudia suggested.